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Human In Nature - Photography
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Cycles of Attraction - Painting

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Sycamore Pool Bidwell Park
Showing @ Avenue 9
Sycamore Pool is a conceptual photograph taken at One Mile in Bidwell Park. The leaves from the Sycamore trees lay dormant on the bottom of the pool while the trees hold on to the last leaves of the fall. This reflection blends the fallen leaves, the sycamore, the sky and scene of One Mile Pool. The picture is actually flipped to better view the patterns within the photograph.

Reflection Pool and more photography is on display at Avenue 9 Gallery.



Conceptual Photography & Revolutions in Fine Art Printing


  The current revolutions in art work are in the digital reproduction and high quality ink jet printing. Graham Nash has developed and marketed a new style of giclee printing and producing art work. Art must keep up with the rest of the increasing technology, and increasingly obscene amount of stimuli through television, communications, computers, and the rest of technology. Conceptual photography is a primary means to give truth, reality, and expression. Fine art printing is the optimal medium for printing high resolution and archival prints. The camera and fine art printing are the symbiotic technology to create amazing high quality giclee prints. Viewing art in the traditional sense, that people going to museums to view art is dwindling. However, art is now being infiltrated into coffee shops, restaurants, collectives, and smaller galleries. The venues in which art is viewed is diversifying to outside locations and of course online. Art reproduction is needed to keep up with this demand. The original artwork will always harnessing the romantic and direct craft of the artwork. With the power of reproduction the original can be mass communicated, and made affordable for a boarder range of collectors. People are evolving into busier and filtering through more options; unique art is increasingly harder to find. The camera now makes anyone a photographer. However, just because you can buy a pencil and piece of paper does not make you an illustrator. With the growing and expanding field of photography just means there will be more works to sort through with increasing competition. This brings better photography new ideas and techniques. Artist will always have a profound influence in the way people see, think, and feel throughout life. Through these revolutions in technology people will continually be enlightened and pressure to find their unique collectors and favorite artworks. A huge innovator in digital printing Graham Nash states, “I’ve never been afraid of using any tool that I could find that would enable me to get my thoughts from my head down into some physical reality as soon as possible and this digital world and the digital revolution that's going on around it is a very exiting one. It doesn't’t matter to me how you get there, it only matter to me what the intrinsic value of the image is for your own particular soul.”

There are a set series of events that lead up to revolutions in the way people think and see the world. All of these artist set a new style of painting using the tools, ideas and influences. Each of these cycles have created art to what it is today. Paintings are no longer a needs of trying to capture reality. Artists now has the ability influence of mass reproduction in the form of print reproduction. Any medium digital or traditional can be shared through the means of fine art prints. Art influences, whether its paintings, drawings, photography, and now they can all be reproduced and printed out through one medium. While the originals can still be their masterpieces of art they can now also be reproduced to be displayed at business’, in a coffee shops, in the city hall, or in your own home. Art is in the preliminary stages of a new revolution through new tools and ideas just like before and now are being modified to fit this world.

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